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Standard Labor Rate $115/hr*

*$115/hr labor rate applies to Houston Z parts only. Customer-supplied parts may be used/installed at a higher labor rate.

Other services available, call 936-463-8966, or email today for a quote!



**Price may vary depending on make and model of vehicle


ANY Alignment - $85/hr

A standard alignment ensures that your vehicle's wheels are parallel with one another and are pointed in the correct direction to ensure neutral handling characteristics and even tire wear, thus extending the service life of your tires.

If stock just really isn't your thing, we can also perform a custom race/drift/stance alignment. Just let us know what camber, toe, and caster numbers you'd like, and we'll set your adjustable suspension components to your specification!

Engine Oil Change

300ZX, 350Z/G35, 370Z/G37 - $85

Oil change using Royal Purple HPS full synthetic 5w30 oil and either OEM or Mobil 1 oil filter.

​Other Vehicles, Synthetic - Starting at $90**

Oil change using Royal Purple HPS full synthetic oil of manufacturer-specified weight and new filter.

​Other Vehicles, Conventional - Starting at $55**

Oil change using conventional oil and new filter.

Manual Transmission/Differential Oil Change

300ZX, 350Z/G35, 370Z/G37 - $215

Drain transmission and differential, refill with Redline MT90 75w90 GL-4 gear oil.

Other Vehicles - Starting at $240**

​Drain transmission and differential, refill with Redline MT90 75w90 GL-4 gear oil.


​300ZX 120,000 mile service - $1,865

Nissan's recommended maintenance is decent, but our years of experience have shown that it is insufficient. A Houston Z 120k Service includes the following:

​Nissan OEM Timing Belt, Nissan OEM Timing Belt Tensioner, Nissan OEM Water Pump. Nissan OEM Water Pump Gasket, Nissan OEM Camshaft Seal x4, Nissan OEM Crankshaft Seal, Nissan OEM Crankshaft Plate x2, Nissan OEM Thermostat, Nissan OEM Coolant Bypass Pipe x2, ​Nissan OEM Hose x2, Nissan OEM Timing Idler Pulley x2, Nissan OEM Crankshaft Sprocket, Nissan OEM Woodruff Key, Nissan OEM VTC Spring x2, Nissan OEM VTC O-Ring x2, RameyZ Chromoly Idler Studs.