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Flex Fuel

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Houston Z is pleased to officially announce Flex Fuel Kits for the Z32! With ethanol fuel becoming easier to locate and support growing every day, NOW is the time for your Z to FLEX!

Our kits include all necessary hardware, fittings, wires, brackets, and hose; all you need is tools!

Call 936-463-8966, email houstonzauto@gmail.com, or message us on Facebook to order!

We've tried to be as descriptive as possible below, but if you have any questions or need help deciding which base kit and options are right for you, let us know and we'll get you all set up!


To run a Flex Fuel Z32, these base kits are all you need to get started! They include Nistune, an ethanol content sensor, ethanol percentage gauge, and all necessary hardware for installation!

- Houston Z Basic Kit - $1050
This option uses an Innovate Motorsports dual function gauge to display ethanol percentage and fuel temperature, as well as a mounting bracket for the ethanol sensor, fittings and all of the wiring and clamps you need! Send your ECU in, and we'll upgrade it and send it back along with everything you need to start using ethanol fuel! If you already have Nistune, this kit is $475  

- Houston Z Advanced Kit - $1275
This option includes a powerful Innovate Motorsports 4-in-1 gauge kit. It displays fuel temperature, wideband AFR, ethanol content, and either fuel or boost pressure on one easy-to-read gauge! This kit also includes an ethanol sensor mounting bracket, fittings and all wiring and clamps needed! When ordering this kit, please specify if you would prefer the gauge to read fuel pressure or boost pressure. If you already have Nistune, this kit is $700


Pick a Base Flex Fuel Kit from above, and add any of the below items to complete your Houston Z Complete Flex Fuel Kit!

- Fuel Pump Kit - $160
This pump kit includes a Walbro 485 fuel pump with everything needed for a proper installation. The Walbro installation kit DOES NOT include everything. The Houston Z kit does!

- Dual Fuel Pump Setup - $850
This dual fuel pump setup includes 2 Walbro 485 pumps, ready to install into your Z32. Just send us your fuel hat assembly, and we'll get it all put together and ship it back! As an option, we can send you a Dual Fuel Pump Kit to assemble yourself. Pumps, fittings, hoses, relay, switch, clamps, everything you need for only $725

- Nismo 740cc Injectors - $865
This option consists of a set of Nismo 740cc injectors and O-rings. If you have a late-style intake, these injectors will get the juice flowing! If you have an early style intake and have not converted over to a new style setup, an adapter and connector kit is available for an additional $120

- Loaded Fuel Rail Kit - $1230
Our Fuel Rail Kit includes a set of Nismo 740cc injectors, O-rings, upgraded fuel rails, and all lines, clamps, and fittings needed to install! These rails get better fuel pressure to all injectors, and better equalize pressure variances cause by injector pulse.

​Rounding out your complete fuel system now sets you up for further mods in the future without having to worry about fuel. With our package deals, you can save a few bucks by buying everything at once!

- Basic Flex Package - $2095
This package is our most popular and the most cost-effective way to upgrade to Flex Fuel while also increasing the capacity of your fuel system. It starts with our Basic Flex Fuel Kit and adds the Fuel Pump Kit option, and the Nismo 740cc injector option. If you already have Nistune, this package is $1520. If you have a late style intake, or you have already converted your car to run late style injectors, this package is $120 less than listed above.

- Advanced Flex Package - $2550
This is our premium package for early style intakes. You get the Advanced Flex Fuel Kit, Fuel Pump, and Loaded Fuel Rails. It's everything you need to get your Twin Turbo Z32 to run e85, along with enough fuel supply to push over 600whp! If you already have Nistune, this package is $1975

- Top-Feed Flex Package - $3725
If you're ready to make BIG POWER, look no further. This package includes our Advanced Flex Fuel Kit, our Dual Fuel Pump Setup, BDE Fuel Rails, and Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors. If you already have Nistune, this package is $3150
This price requires you to send in your upper plenum, balance tube, throttle cable bracket, and fuel pump hat assembly to be modified. If you would prefer not to send your parts in first, a $400 core charge is necessary, and refundable once your parts are received. You can also choose to upgrade to 1300cc injectors for an additional $630.

- Custom Flex Package - $????
This is your own custom Flex Fuel package. Start with either the Basic or Advanced Flex Fuel Kit and add the Fuel Pump Kit. Then select one other add-on, and let us make you a deal!

- ECU/Core Charge - $300
If you DO NOT want to send us your ECU, we will modify one of our own ECU's for a fee! If you want Houston Z to send you a Nistuned ECU before sending in your stock unit, YOU WILL NEED TO PAY THIS FEE, but it will be refunded after we receive your stock ECU.