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Dyno Costs:

  • Hourly - No tuning. Horsepower, Torque, and Air/Fuel numbers only. - $100/hr
  • Daily - Rent our dyno for the whole day, 9am-6pm. No tuning. Air/Fuel, Horsepower, and Torque numbers only. - $800/day
  • Tuning - One of our experienced technicians will tune your vehicle for maximum performance. - $150/hr
  • 3 pulls to chart Horsepower, Torque, Air/Fuel numbers only. No tuning. -  $90.00
  • 3 pulls before and 3 pulls after in-house modifications. No tuning. - $150.00
  • Weld wideband 02 sensor bung into exhaust (minimum charge) - $75.00
  • Fee for pulling vehicle off & strapping back down to fix problems - $40.00
  • Any repairs or work necessary to successfully tune car - $115/hr

Houston Z uses a Dynocom 5000 for accurate horsepower and torque measurements.​ We recommend a baseline run to gauge your vehicle's performance before modifications, and then a run after the modifications are completed to accurately measure the increase in power.

For major modifications such as turbochargers, nitrous, fuel system upgrades, or engine management upgrades, a dyno tune is absolutely essential to ensure the proper function of your components.

Dyno services are by appointment only, call 936-463-8966, or email today to schedule some dyno time!